Friday, April 3, 2009

Great seminar with lots of energy!

This morning we held our second Social Media for Executives seminar in Tacoma and had great feedback from all attendees. Blaine and Clay provided a solid overview of current communication trends, various social media tools and suggested ways for business executives to leverage them.

Several items I took away from today's meeting:
1. Social networking is not social media. Social media is an umbrella term for things such as social networking, blogging, Twitter and Yodio.

2. It is never a good idea for businesses to just "jump in" to social media. Effective use of the tools can be very powerful, while ineffective use can erode a brand rapidly. Create a plan and monitor the effectiveness over time.

3. Businesses need to identify their master plan for using social media and communicate that throughout the ranks. The example of how the company is represented should be set from the top down - the CEO absolutely belongs in the social media space and should be using tools that help differentiate them from the competition.

4. Social media is as accessible to small business as it is to large corporations. It is the first online tool that helps to level the playing field - and may actually provide an advantage to the little guy who can be far more nimble in using real time communication tools.

5. Comments are your friend. Don't be afraid to get feedback through the web. Look at it as an opportunity to respond publicly to criticism and dispel rumors before they spread.

I know our attendees left with their heads swimming with ideas and questions, we hope they continue the conversation here!


Clay@Yodio said...

Today's seminar was absolutely invigorating for me. The questions and conversation were quite active.....and interesting for me.
Nice write-up about the seminar content. You clearly caught the key points, and you are always so succinct with your reports. Nice job!
Thanks, Clay

mcrowley said...

I learned a lot but still know nothing. MBA members better start to understand Social Media or they will be left in the dust.

Blaine Millet said...

I want to personally thank Emily West and Jeff Rounce for bringing us in to speak to a truly great group of executives - thoroughly enjoyed the audience and their comments/questions.

Emily, you summarized the content quite well - tough to do from over 2 hours of a presentation and discussion - well done. I'm looking forward to the next one - they just keep getting better! Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

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