Thursday, April 16, 2009

Organize all your new online tools

I'm a big Google fan because it makes life easier for me. I don't just mean Google search, but the host of Google applications that I use on a daily basis.

As I my list of bookmarks grew for different online tools and cool applications I use, I started to get overwhelmed with all the sites I had to check, monitor or update. When someone suggested I set up an aggragator for the blogs I wanted to monitor, I was excited to know I didn't have to remember to scour different sites for tidbits that interested me ( While I now had blogs and RSS feeds under control, I still had email accounts, Twitter feeds, my calendar, LinkedIn updates, Pandora, Facebook, Google Alerts for local business news and more coming every day.

Then I heard about iGoogle, which is brilliant. It has allowed me to create a "dashboard," if you will, of all the various tools I use. Each tool has a small widget that you can link to from your dashboard that signs you in and automatically feeds you updates and links.

This idea of tech-overload is a common concern at our Social Media for Executives seminars. Already busy execs get glossy-eyed and a bit frantic when they are told that they, personally, need to engage in social media. They worry about keeping track of things, staying up to date and having an "efficiency tool" become very inefficient as they grapple with getting their arms around it.

So my message today is that there are so many efficiency tools for efficiency tools out there, and while I am a self-proclaimed fan of Google, there are many more coming online every day. Find one that works for you and put it to use, it'll make life easier for you too.

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